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Instill a life-long love of reading and writing

Writing Provides a Voice

Whether rich or poor, anyone can write and express themselves. You can help inspire young people and adults in a lifelong love of reading, writing, and community conversation right in Chattanooga. Join with SoLit as we encourage people to share stories, whether it is their own or others. 


Here's an example:

SoLit’s new Youth Outreach initiative began this year with underserved teens to encourage creative writing and sharing the love of stories. The young people worked on all genres of writing and journaling. Additionally, some of the teens’ favorite rap songs were used to encourage the conversation and inspire them to write their own songs. 


Samara participated and wrote from the very first class at The Bethlehem Center, but she refused to let anyone see her work except the adult teachers. But by the final class, she grew bolder, and in one session, she created a song/poem and got the whole class to repeat the chorus with her.

Samara not only improved her writing skills, but she also developed confidence by sharing her stories with her friends.  “Whether she realized it or not,” says SoLit’s facilitator Gwen, “she was using techniques we had focused on in the workshop — rhyme, repetition, metaphor — to create work that hooked the reader. Her growing confidence in sharing her work helped others in the group develop that same level of confidence.”


Your gift of:

$25 provides a winner of the Young Southern Student Writers contest, grades K-12, a medal

$50 provides one Turn the Page workshop of creative writing and story discussion at area jails and transitional housing programs

$100 sponsors a teen’s participation in the Youth Outreach Initiative

$250 provides a virtual author presentation making it free to participants at home

$500 sponsors an author visit to Chattanooga

$1,000 provides a session at the SouthWord literary festival 

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