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So Lit is a longstanding literary arts organization in Chattanooga, Tennessee originally established along with twelve other agencies by a Ford Foundation grant in 1952. The organization has undergone several name changes as the mission grew and developed.  We were previously known at the Arts and Education Council until 2012.


Literature has the incomparable power to connect, uplift and inspire people.  We want to encourage the next generation to develop a life-long love of reading and writing.  Each year we serve over 6,000 adults and children in the community through literature festivals, author visits, writing workshops, writing contests for children, and outreach in the underserved communities in Chattanooga.


Research has found a change in the way our brains comprehend information after the advent of the internet.  On the internet, users browse articles and often don't read the complete piece, but move on to another.  This is affecting our critical thinking skills, ability to concentrate, and to analyze complicated subjects. Now more than ever, we need to encourage children and adults to "hit the books."  Research has also shown people who read literature are more empathic, a result of seeing issues and problems through the character's thoughts. 

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