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Theatre Express

Theatre Express!
The Borrowers

Feb. 8 & 9, 2024

9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

Hayes Concert Hall, UTC

Performed by Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Theatre Express is a performance of a play based on a children's book and is free to all Hamilton Co. 4th grade classes. In 2024, SoLit is proud to present the Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga's performance of The Borrowers based on the classic book by Mary Norton. The performance is funded as part of ArtsBuild's Imagine program, which shares different art forms each year with elementary schools, covering the cost of transportation. Lesson plans on the play are available to download on the button to the right.


For questions or help with registering your 4th grade class, contact
Chelsea Risley, Executive Director, at or 423-267-1218. 


About The Borrowers

The Borrowers, based on the beloved children's book by Mary Norton, is a fantasy play that details the under-the-floorboards lifestyle of the Clock family, where the miniature creatures live in quiet secrecy, away from human eyes. The Clock family survives by "borrowing" from the humans who live above in an old English farmhouse. They use their spools of thread as dining tables and their toothpaste caps as drinking cups. That is until the explorative only child, Arrietty, is spotted by the humans. The Clocks are then forced to escape the only place they’ve ever called home and traverse the expansive world on their own. As they struggle to survive, they make new friends and learn that the world might not be as scary of a place as it seems.

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