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Meet Cicero the Raven


Meet Cicero the raven in Jim Minick's book Fire is Your Water

"So I said OK. Big Deal. It was just a matter of figuring out how to work my larynx and tongue And don't you dare cut any bird's tongue, especially mine By god of all rock piles, I'll stone you for sure.

You humans think your'e the only ones. Conceited as damn eagles. Those two letters, really they're easy The K sound we say all the time, with crooks and caws and cockadoodledos (well, some of us do, anyway) I mean even crows can say K.

O was a little harder. Had to pull it out of the middle of cronk and then put'm together. OK, already.

OK as in OK Corral. OK as in yes, I'm hungry OK as in I'm going to KO you if you don't stop making me say OK.

I'm telling you there's more where that came from, so just hold your horses, OK?

Now feed me that yummy mouse."

Hear more about Cicero and the other characters in this intriguing story at the next SouthBound event Aug. 27 at 2:00 p.m. Author Jim Minick will join us for a reading and book signing.

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