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"Dear Loneliness" by Beth Day


You are the cold hand on the back of my neck

the pulsing breath chained to my heart

on days when the world grinds on my mind

and I feel the ground tug too hard on my toes

you are the voice beating in children's ears

telling them to cut into their own wrists

the scarlet milk running Down their palms

painting their fingers with a deep color.

when civilization feels nothing is left but darkness

They turn to you.

you can bring death and damnation,

sadness and pain.

you can bring nothing.


or you can bring healing.

time away with a good book

snuggled between the covers

warm and content.

a walk with nature

consumed with the smell of pine needles and daisies.

time well spent or time in the dark.


"Dear Loneliness" was written by Beth Day, a participant in Manifest Voices, So Lit's summer poetry workshop for teens led by spoken-word poet Christian Collier. The participants of Manifest Voices will be giving readings from their work at the Arts Building on July 29 at 6:30 pm.

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