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Verbie and Hugh Prevost Award Winner for Outstanding Poetry

from the Young Southern Student Writers Contest

Maggie Thal, Grade 11 Signal Mountain High School


She always had mud on her boots

And leaves in her hair

And dirt up under her fingernails.

But she did not mind because the mud on her boots was where she had been

And what she had done,

And the leaves in her hair were flowers from lying in fields

In between a dream and a thought,

And the dirt up under her fingernails

Was just how far into the story she had managed to dig herself.

Her freckles were all the discoveries she had made,

And all the places that she went,

Gathering mud on her boots.

Her deep eyes were the reflection of the stars on the ocean

That she dreamt of in the field

Where she lay

Gathering flowers in her hair.

Her pink lips relayed her story,

And how far into it she had managed to dig herself,

Gathering dirt under her fingernails.

She was the wind that rustled up the leaves,

The rain that gave life to the flowers,

The birds that broke the early morning silence,

The fire that warmed cold hands.

She was everything,

An intertwined connectedness

With the nature that surrounded and engulfed her.

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