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Meet Ann Johnson: Director of Operations Extraordinaire!

Anyone who has spent anytime around So Lit in the past 7 years has probably run into Ann Johnson. Ann is the Director of Operations, which entails everything from database maintenance to addressing envelopes! Ann keeps this place running, and we are so grateful for her hard work, dedication, and skill.

Ann is a New Hampshire native, but she and her husband Kurt relocated to Chattanooga in 2010. When asked about how she got started working with So Lit, Ann says, “I needed to find a job. There was an ad in the paper, and here I still am! Do they even post jobs in the paper anymore?”

After 7 years, Ann has seen So Lit change and grow. In the recent past, So Lit has moved into the Arts Building on 11th Street. She says, “I love arriving at my offices in the amazing Arts Building. It has been So Lit's home for a little over a year now and what fun to be in this newly renovated space with the Arts Build folks, Townsend Atelier, SoundCorps and Scenic City Clay.” The Arts Building is an inspiring place to work, and Ann is delighted that So Lit has moved into such a sunny, beautiful building.

Currently, Ann is working on numerous projects including SouthBound events and the annual fundraiser, smART. When Ann is not making sure things are running smoothly at So Lit, she enjoys taking weekend trips with Kurt in their Aliner (affectionately named "Edna"). In addition, she enjoys pizza at Community Pie and walking her dogs Willie and Mollie at Big Soddy Gulf. She also adds, “I have to admit it, I love Rock City. We drag everyone from out of town there! It reminds me of the kitsch you'll find in the White Mountains of my native New Hampshire.”

Though Ann works tirelessly at So Lit, she has also found the time to start her own company! It’s called Hello Dolly Momma, and Ann makes dolls and stuffed animals. Her newest endeavor is making traditional Appalachian corn husk dolls! Ann really does it all.

Ann really is committed to arts education advocacy. She says, “ I have been motivated and inspired by the arts all my life. Being creative and enjoying the accomplishments of great artists, writers, musicians, architects, photographers, and chefs forces contemplation and brings joy.” Now more than ever, Ann is deeply concerned about the cuts in arts education funding. Ann is committed to doing her part to ensure the greater Chattanooga area receives access to literary opportunities!

We are so grateful to have Ann on board with us at So Lit! Thanks Ann for all your hard work and commitment to arts education!

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