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Southern Lit Alliance loves its volunteers!

Jessica York is So Lit’s newest UTC intern, and she has been helping out with everything from writing to database entry and everything in between! Majoring in psychology with a minor in creative writing, Jessica brings a unique perspective and energy to the So Lit team.

Like the rest of us, Jessica is passionate about arts education. She recalls, “Arts education was my favorite part of school growing up. It's the education that teaches you the most about yourself and the others around you.” Jessica is doing her part to ensure that arts education continues in Chattanooga!

Not only is she excited about arts education, but Jessica also has an interest in southern writers. She wants to do her part to make sure that writers are able to come to Chattanooga and share their stories. Jessica loves working with So Lit because it gives her the opportunity “to get closer to the world of southern writers and get a chance to interact with them.” Jessica’s favorite writer is renowned psychologist Carl Jung. Particularly, she loves how Jung’s ideas interact with stories. She says, “His theory of archetypes is very pertinent when analyzing literature.” For those of us who feel a deep sense of connection with characters from books, Jung’s theories can be a powerful way to learn more about ourselves. Jessica’s interest in psychology has a huge impact on how she enjoys and studies literature!

When Jessica is not busy typing away at the So Lit offices, she enjoys hiking, writing in her hammock, and doing track workouts with the senior UTC track team. Her favorite Chattanooga hangout spot is the Bitter Alibi.

Though Jessica will be graduating and leaving us over the summer, we are so grateful she chose to be a part of our team during her last semester at UTC!

If you would like more information about interning at So Lit, email!

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