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Songs of Deliverance
Written by Andreana Lefton

Produced by Love's Arm and Southern Lit Alliance and funded by a grant from the George R. Johnson Family Foundation.

There are some stories that just need to be told. There are stories that are heartbreaking, real, and yet so beautiful they deserve to be written.  This book about women served by the Love’s Arms organization includes deserving stories that awaken and inspire us as we see the trauma each has overcome. 

Southern Lit Alliance began a relationship with Love’s Arms through our Turn the Page program directed by Dr. Victoria Bryan from Cleveland State Community College. Launched in area jails, the program uses small groups of  that are led by trained teachers with master’s degrees to interpret poetry, short stories, and also journal and try creative writing.  The groups are very impactful as the participants discuss literature and learn to express themselves through writing.

The group at Love’s Arms began last year with author Andreana Lefton as the facilitator for their group.  Through her work, she learned about these women’s lives and victories and discussed the possibility of telling their stories through their own words with Director, Mimi Nikkel.  Andreana, a gifted and published writer, interviewed each of these women and wrote about them.  As a work of creative non-fiction, the stories are thought-provoking and tender while they are still raw.

Literature has the incomparable power to connect, inspire, and uplift.  Southern Lit Alliance is honored to have this partnership with Love’s Arms to bring awareness to sex trafficking and to share compelling stories from our community.

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