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Book drive.

Book Drive for
Moccasin Bend Mental Health

Given the increase in mental health problems during these challenging times, the Southern Lit Alliance wants to do everything we can to help and support those who are struggling.  In the past, we have had volunteers collect books and organize the library to help support the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. In order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved, this year we are doing a contactless book donation drive.

When: until October 30, 2020

Where: books can be dropped off in the lobby of our offices at the ArtsBuild building on East 11th St. (2nd floor) on Mondays and Wednesdays

  • Please call Lynda LeVan at (423) 314-1645 to notify us of your drop off

  • If you need to come to our offices, please use the intercom box next to the elevator doors to notify us that you are here and to be escorted up to our offices


Donating Books

While we are looking forward to this specific book drive, Southern Lit Alliance will also gladly accept donated books to add to the library all year round.  Please feel free to drop books at our offices at 301 E 11th Street (2nd floor) Mondays and Wednesdays .  We'll make sure they get to Moccasin Bend.


 In order to create a thoughtfully curated library collection, please note that we do have some guidelines. Books should be in relatively good condition with pages intact.  We cannot accept reference or topical books older than 5 years. Due to certain sensitive cases at MBMHI, please refrain from donating books containing conspiracy theories or graphic violence. Below you can find a list of subjects, titles, and authors that have been requested!


  • Mental health issues

  • Health

  • Sports & hobbies

  • Life skills & personal development                                                 
    budgeting, cooking, fitness, coping skills)

  • Inspirational & short success stories                                                           (i.e. Chicken Soup for the Soul)

  • Reference (i.e. plants, animals)

  • History & biography

  • Spiritual & religious​​



  • Novels

  • Mystery

  • Popular fiction

    • (authors such as Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwall, Dan Koontz, etc are often requested)

  • Short story

  • Poetry collections

About Moccasin Bend

Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute (MBMHI) is a psychiatric hospital that serves 52 counties in East Tennessee. It was founded in 1961 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The hospital offers 4 acute psychiatric care units and 2 long-term care units, comprising a total of 150 adult psychiatric beds. Hospitalizations are on a voluntary or involuntary basis, or patients can also be referred by the court system for pre-trial evaluations.


The mission of Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute is to provide quality psychiatric services to individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness. The staff works together with patients to promote recovery and ensure their successful return home and reintegration into the community.


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