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Ashley's Story

Ashley's Story

“Lost,” “Ex-Husbands,” “Avocado,” “Braid…” Can you write a story about any of these words?

Southern Lit Alliance’s  Spark Creative Writing program this last summer for teens gave Ashley and her peers prompts such as above to plumb the depths of their imagination, spilling their hearts and souls onto the page.  They learned more about themselves, their unique voice, and their writing style. There the teens also found a much-needed escape and expression of feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With the help of supporters like you, Southern Lit Alliance provides creative enrichment and inspiration to 7,000 readers and writers, both teens and adults alike. 

We believe the literary arts and literary engagement efforts help inspire, uplift, connect and even change people for the better.  You can provide readers and writers of all ages literary experiences that help ensure lifelong learning, improve critical thinking skills, increase empathy for others, educate on social issues, and encourage cultural literacy.

​Ashley has stated that the creative writing workshops helped her grow as a writer and “had [her] writing [and reading] new things, [giving] her lots of new ideas.”  Not only that, Ashley felt it was essential to be able to connect with other writers her age. The teens loved the workshops so much that they asked to hold an additional 7th session before school started after the six sessions were over. Rather than sit around watching Netflix or posting on social media, Ashley used her time at home to better herself and engage her creative spirit. 

We know the effects that COVID-19 has had on mental health stress. Literature and writing both help to provide a much-needed sense of escape and expression of feelings. Particularly during these unprecedented times, your support means others find comfort and inspiration in our programs. 


Southern Lit Alliance is the only non-profit organization devoted to promoting and developing the literary arts in our area.  Help inspire the next generation through the power of the written word with your gift to Southern Lit Alliance.

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Your gift of:

$25 provides a winner of the Young Southern Student Writers contest, grades K-12, a medal

$50 provides one Turn the Page workshop of creative writing and story discussion at area jails and transitional housing programs

$100 sponsors a teen’s participation in the Spark Creative Writing workshops

$250 provides a virtual author presentation making it free to participants at home

$500 sponsors a Young Adult genre author to speak at YA-hoo Fest! literary festival

$1,000 provides a session at the SouthWord literary festival planned for Nov.

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