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  • George Hess

Virtual Open Mic I


I know I’ve never listened as I did yesterday

to anything like the compelling seduction of absolute silence

while sitting in my chair reading alone with my cat,

curled on one thigh;

I discovered nothing sounds like the complete absence of sound,

not even the words in my book made me conscious of any sound,

as I surmised where the author was taking me,

I realized I may have missed a foreshadow,

I did not retreat to reread previous pages,

I didn’t want to interrupt the completeness of silence;

I sensed peace travelling as I did in my mental journey and asked

if the whole world stopped for one moment, perhaps just one hour,

ceased simultaneously making sounds, just listened to the silence

would we understand the possibility of peace?

the possibility of living in our small interstellar space in harmony

without bickering and fighting, bombing and killing, just peace?

George Hess retired four years ago and has since been pursuing his lifelong dream of writing poetry and fine wood working. He is also working on prose pieces including short stories (the hardest thing to write) and a juvenile novel about a smart-ass 5th grader. In addition, he volunteers for Habitat for Humanity through his synagogue and works with others to create sensible legislation to control the purchase of firearms.

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