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Creative Writing Workshop

How to be Constantly Inspired

Creative Writing Workshop
Thursday, Aug. 11
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Have you been feeling uninspired recently? Has creating become a difficult task for you? In this workshop, students walk through the process of understanding how small ideas become big ones, and how to harness a constant flow of inspiration. 

Now on Zoom due to illness

About the Event

Small ideas can easily bloom into huge successes. After all, even the great symphonies of history started with a few notes, and even Middle Earth started with just a germ of an idea. This workshop is about encouraging individuals in their own creativity and providing them with tools that they can use any time they are feeling uninspired.  Discussion will include an exciting mixture of instruction, games, and exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing. Attendees will learn how our senses interact with the world around us and can influence creativity in different ways- they will be taught to write from a simple smell, from a touch, from a picture, from a taste, from a sound, and even from a memory. This workshop is geared toward writers, but artists in many different kinds of media have found it beneficial.

Led by Wesley A. Fulkerson

Wesley is a recent transplant to Chattanooga from Southern California.  He is the author of ten books, including the Starfall Trilogy, Writing With Purpose, and For Whom the Sun Sings. He is an award-winning screenwriter (Save My Seoul, 2017 – Jubilee Media), the former head screenwriter for Arbella Studios, and currently freelances for a number of Los Angeles based production companies. He received a degree with honors in Marketing from USC’s prestigious Marshall School of Business (2012) and presents a powerful combination of creativity and pragmatism. Having started out as a self-publisher and later disseminating his work through traditional publishing, his is the epitome of the modern writer’s journey.   

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